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r exporting food to neighbor countries and is progressing towards food i▓ndependence. During his weekly radio and television bro▓adcast "Alo Presidente," Chavez said Venezuela's c▓attle herd now topped 12 million heads and is estimated to rise to 14 million by 2012. Chavez ho▓sted Sunday's show from the La Bandera farm in southwe▓stern state Tachira, a model socialist dairy farm set up on land seized from drug traffickers.

The Venezuelan government has seized 50 farms ▓from traffickers, equivalent to 12,000 hectares suitable for livestock. La Bandera now has▓ 1,985 heads of cattle, up from 1,300 18 mo▓nths ago; and produces 38 percent more milk, the Venezuelan ▓president said.Ningxia Hui Autonomo▓us Reg